Several functions are allowed in some tags:

  • lc() – Lowercase all characters. ComPUTer will be inserted into message as computer.
  • uc() – Uppercase all characters. coMPuTEr will be inserted into message as COMPUTER.
  • ucfw() – Uppercase first letters in each word and lowercase other. o'reilly bOOk PUBLISHING will be inserted into message as O'Reilly Book Publishing. Note that this beautifulizer also recognizes parts that should not be uppercased. Ludwig VAN beethoven Jr will be inserted as Ludwig van Beethoven jr. Current list of exceptions consists of: von, van, bin, ibn, mgr, dr, prof, imc, jr and may be extended if needed.
  • ucfs() – Uppercase first letter of every sentence and lowercase other letters. how ARE you? i'm FINE. will be inserted into message as How are you? I'm fine..
  • md5(), sha1(), sha256() - Calculate hash function from given value.
  • escape_html() - You should always use this one if you print subscriber data (like custom or name) directly in HTML messages to avoid accidental HTML breaks and XSS injections.
  • escape_url_param() - Useful when you need to use some data as URL param to avoid breaking URL structure. You should NOT use it if URL is inside LINK tag because then values are escaped automatically.

For polish users declensions are available for names.

  • vocative() – Create vocative form of name, Tomek will be inserted into message as Tomku. Currently Polish language is supported.

Prettifiers can be nested. For example if

{{CONTACT "subscriber_first_name"}} 

inserts paweł then

{{CONTACT "ucfw(vocative(subscriber_first_name))"}} 

will insert Pawle.

Prettifiers are multi-value aware. For example if

{{CUSTOM "car"}} 

inserts honda, toyota, dodge then

{{CUSTOM "ucfw(car)"}} 

will insert Honda, Toyota, Dodge.