Clicktracked links

Mark links for click counting tracking and assign optional description for statistics.

{{LINK ""}} 

For messages composed on GetResponse WWW editor all links are marked for tracking automatically and tracking takes place if "Track click-through's of your links" on editor window is chosen.

For messages sent using GetResponse API links must be wrapped in {{LINK}} tag on clients side to mark it for tracking. Also

    "flag"  : [ "clicktrack" ]

must be passed to method.

Warning: Tracking is not the same as wrapping links in HTML tags. To make tracked link clickable in HTML you still need to use anchor.

<a href="{{LINK ``}}">My site</a>

Note that you can use back-ticks instead of double quotes and remove white spaces to avoid trouble with HTML editors.

Hint: You can use campaign predefined values, campaign or contact or message_info, contact custom fields or contact geo location tags inside your URL.

{{LINK "{{CONTACT "subscriber_email"}}&from_where={{GEO "city"}}"}} 

Nested tags have following restrictions:

  • Can not contain default value - {{CONTACT "subscriber_name" "Friend"}} is forbidden.
  • Can not use prettifiers - {{CONTACT "uc(subscriber_name)"}} is forbidden.
  • Are encoded in UTF-8 as as URL param, so if {{CONTACT "subscriber_name"}} is "Pabian Paweł" it will be inserted into link as "Pabian%20Pawe%C5%82" to make link valid. Please note that "/" character will also be encoded as "%2F" so do not use nested tag as part of your link path.
  • You cannot create nested date tag in links.

Hint: You can give links a custom description.

{{LINK "" "My site"}} 

If description is given link is shown under this name instead of URL on performance stats. It makes stats easier to read and allows to do two tricks – splitting and merging. Splitting allows to show many links with the same URL under different names. It may be useful for statistical purposes like creating a "click heat map" of your message.

Hello {{LINK "" "My page at the beginning of the message"}} Some message body {{LINK "" "My page at the end of the message"}} Sincerely 

Now you know which link was clicked more often because - despite common URL - those links will be shown under separate names on performance stats. Merging is opposite to splitting – many links with different URLs will be shown under one name on performance stats. This is helpful if you do not need to distinguish them.

{{LINK "" "Main shop page"}} {{LINK "" "Main shop page"}} 

System links

Links that allow contact to perform actions.

{{LINK "me"}} 

Supported tokens and message types they can be used in:

  • me (newsletter, autoresponder, rss) – Manage subscription and details. This is the same link as in footer.
  • view (newsletter, autoresponder, rss) – View message on website. May be useful if contact is using email client that blocks content, for example images.
  • play (newsletter, autoresponder, rss) – Play message using Email 2 Speech feature.
  • confirm (confirmation) - Confirm subscription in double optin mode.

Social links

Links that allow contact to share info about message on social media.

{{LINK "social_digg"}} 

Allowed tokens:

  • social_digg
  • social_facebook
  • social_googleplus
  • social_linkedin
  • social_myspace
  • social_twitter

Warning: If you want your newsletter to be shared on social media you must select "Publish in RSS" on last step of creating newsletter process in old editor.