Errors list
Internal error (1)
General error of validation process (1000)
Resource that is related to given resource cannot be found (1001)
Resource state forbids that kind of action (1002)
Parameter has wrong format (1003)
Wrong number of values for multivalues parameter (hash, table) (1004)
Parameter has empty value (1005)
Parameter has wrong type (1006)
Parameter value has incorrect length (1007)
There is another resource with the same value of unique property (1008)
Resource you tried to manipulate is used somewhere and this manipulation is forbidden (1009)
Error in external resources (1010)
Message is already in "sending" mode, you cannot change its properties (1011)
Error during parsing message content (1012)
Resource with given ID cannot be found (1013)
Problem during authentication process (1014)
Too many request to API, quota reached (1015)
Too many request to API or suspected behaviour, API was temporarily blocked, please wait (1016)
Suspected behaviour, API was permanently blocked, please contact with our support (1017)
Your IP was blocked (1018)
There is something wrong with your request headers (1021)
Access forbidden (1023)