Campaign predefined values

Merge-words that are constant in your campaign.

{{PREDEFINED "my_shop_name"}} 

Prettifiers are allowed.

Predefined values can be defined on GetResponse WWW. Empty string is inserted into the message on undefined value.


Campaign or contact or message info

Basic merge-words providing info about campaign, contact or message. Please note that "contact" is called a "subscriber" in tokens due to backward compatibility.

{{CONTACT "subscriber_name"}} 

Supported tokens:

  • subscriber_name
  • subscriber_first_name – Everything up to first space.
  • subscriber_last_name – Empty if name doesn’t consist of two parts separated by space.
  • subscriber_email
  • subscriber_ip
  • subscriber_origin
  • campaign_name – Refers to message's campaign
  • campaign_description – Refers to message's campaign
  • campaign_from_name – Refers to message's campaign
  • campaign_from_email – Refers to message's campaign
  • campaign_reply_to_email – Refers to message's campaign
  • campaign_link_protocol – Refers to message's campaign
  • campaign_link_domain – Refers to message's campaign
  • message_from_name
  • message_from_email
  • message_reply_to_email
  • campaign_id
  • message_id
  • subscriber_id
  • message_name – Empty in subscription confirmation messages

Prettifiers are allowed.

Empty string is inserted into the message on undefined value. This behavior can be changed by providing default value.

{{CONTACT "subscriber_name" "My friend"}} 

Hint: Tokens campaign_id, message_id, and subscriber_id return the same IDs as in API. For example you can pass subscriber_id token in link:

{{LINK "{{CONTACT "subscriber_id"}}"}} 

After receiving click on your server use this ID to get additional info about visitor from API using getContactById.