Callbacks allow external systems to be notified about GetResponse contact activities.


Callbacks can be managed using API GET /accounts/callbacks, POST /accounts/callbacks and DELETE /accounts/callbacks methods or on web interface.

We support SSL, so you can use either HTTP or HTTPS for callback messages.


Sample HTTP callback looks like this: \ 
&ACCOUNT_ID=A1&account_login=myaccount \
&CAMPAIGN_ID=C1&campaign_name=mycampaign \
&MESSAGE_ID=M1&message_name=My%20message&message_subject=Some%20subject \

All *_ID params are compatible with corresponding identifiers in API. So for example after receiving open callback one may call get_message API method with MESSAGE_ID from callback to fetch additional information about opened message. Those params are case-sensitive.


Callback timeout is 4 seconds, callbacks that are not received are lost and will not be repeated.

Make sure that the target server is capable of handling the expected amount of requests, especially when SSL URL is given which is more CPU-intensive.


The GetResponse Callback interface is created and maintained by the GetResponse DevZone Team.

If you run into an error or you have difficulty using Callbacks please contact us using this form and we will provide all the support we can, in order to solve your problems.