Our entire API is accessible only for authenticated users, thats mean that every request must be signed with your credntials. We offer couple different models for authentication (signing) requests: APIKEY and 360. APIKEY is our primary model and should be used in most cases, and for our enterprise account (360) there is one additional header that must be added to standard APIKEY authentication. Please read below for detailed information.

For mobile authentication we will soon enable oAuth authentication.


Signing request is very simple:

  • Create custom header for your request using this APIKEY
  • if your APIKEY is jfgs8jh4ksg93ban9Dfgh8, then header should looks like:
X-Auth-Token: api-key jfgs8jh4ksg93ban9Dfgh8
  • Send this custom header in every request you will make to our API

Example of such request coul look like:

curl -H "X-Auth-Token: api-key jfgs8jh4ksg93ban9Dfgh8"

For 360 users only

If you are user from our GetReponse360 platform you need one additional step: sending to us your domain that you registered with. You can do that simply by adding custom header:


The rest of the process is exactly the same as in APIKEY model of authentication.

Remember that you shluld specify only domain name without 'www' or 'http'.


Timezone settings

The default timezone in response data is set to UTC.

To set another timezone add X-Time-Zone to headers with value of time zone name (column TZ).