In order to use GetResponse API an API KEY is required.

  • GetResponse users can obtain it from my account section after logging into the GetResponse account.
  • GetResponse360 users should login to server with owner privileges and visit "My account" → "Use GetResponse API".

Warning: Please note that the API KEY unambiguously identifies your account and allows all who know this very API KEY to manage contacts, messages etc. Please keep your API KEY safe and do not share it with any unauthorized persons.


  • GetResponse users should use https://api2.getresponse.com URL.
  • GetResponse360 users have a unique URL that will be provided to them by an Account Manager.


GetResponse API is JSON-RPC based and supports both 1.0 and 2.0 (with Notifications and Batches) specifications.

Note: We support SSL and gzipped transfer (over 1KB).