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Section: Messages
Version: 1.5.0

Delete time based autoresponder from campaign.
Warning: This method can be used on time based autoresponders only, get_messages provides based_on field to distinguish time and action based autoresponders.
Warning: Message must not be in use by another entity such as segment or action based autoresponder, otherwise Message cannot be deleted error will be thrown.

Return Value

Example Request JSON

        "message": "MESSAGE_ID"

Example Response JSON

    "deleted": 1

Example Error Response JSON

    "code": -1,
    "message": "Message cannot be deleted"
Method-specific Errors
Missing message
Message is not time based autoresponder
Message cannot be deleted
API-wide Errors
API key verification failed API key verification failed
API client IP not allowed API client IP not allowed
Invalid params Attribute params must be reference to hash