GetResponse has recently released a BETA version of API 3.0 and you are invited to discover its new possibilities! However, if you would like to keep using your current API, there is no need for you to change anything as we will keep it working.

What it is?

API (or application programming interface) is a technical way to allow communication between two different and normally incompatible systems. It describes how these system can interact with each other. To summarize, this is a way to connect your application directly to our service. Using our API you could:
    •    Manage contacts
    •    Create campaigns, send newsletter and monitor results
    •    Generate reports and review statistics
    •    Create an autoresponder cycle to put your campaigns into autopilot mode
... and more!


Not a geek?

Generally to use API you should be familiar with geeky stuff, but if you don't have a passion for these things, don’t worry - here is a way that doesn't involve using our API directly:

If the above option is not tailored to your needs, look below - we have prepared a quick and easy instruction on how to start with our API. Be aware that this requires some technical knowledge ;)

What you can do with the API

GetResponse API allows you to sync your database with GetResponse for better campaign management. You can create web forms, surveys, manage contacts, fetch statistical data, and many, many more!

  • Callbacks allow you to collect information in real time. Provide a URL, decide when and where you want that URL to receive data about supported events, and we'll send over the data as things happen.
  • Dynamic Content is a message-composing language that enables GetResponse users with web development skills to create personalized messages.
  • Wrappers are an implementation of our API for various languages to let you get started quickly and with ease.


Find answers to common questions in our support center.